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Test Kitchen Favorites: Pizza Topping Edition

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Pizza, whether you’re in New York City or not, tends to be a contentious subject. From crust thickness to cheese variety, everyone has their opinion about what makes the perfect pie. Here in the test kitchen, there’s one thing almost no one can agree on—toppings! While some of us prefer simplicity, others go wild with crazy additions (capers?!). For a little pizza-making inspiration, check out what we here in the Everyday Food test kitchen have to say about our ideal pie.

Sarah Carey, our Editor-in-Chief, makes a pizza at home she calls the Salty Pig. It's topped with sopresatta, anchovies, and capers, so we can see how it got its name. Her pie is full of flavor; the brininess of the capers and anchovies provide the perfect counterpoint to sopressata’s porky goodness.

Phillip, our videographer, surprised us all with his avant-garde selection—puttanesca with pepperoni! Just like Sarah’s pizza, this one pairs brininess (from olives) with rich pepperoni—maybe they’re onto something with this winning combo?

Our Culinary Producer, Jessie, picked a topping we’ve seen popping up everywhere here in New York—Brussels sprouts! She loves hers paired with sharp pecorino for a serious bite. We recommend you give Brussels sprouts a chance—they're unexpectedly delicious on pizza.

Josepha, our beloved kitchen assistant, sticks to a classic combo of basil and mozzarella. Her only upgrade to the traditional margarita is adding extra (and she means EXTRA) cheese. The more gooey the better!

Intern extraordinaire Katie loves her pizza piled high with meatballs. But don’t give her any old meatballs—she prefers them homemade. She also recommends topping your pizza with plenty of fresh basil—even if it’s take-out.

If this list didn’t make you hungry for pizza, we don’t know what will. To give these toppings a go at home, use our Basic Pizza Dough and Easy Chunky Tomato Sauce as your canvas. Let us know how you like to top your pizza and maybe we’ll try it out! If you're still in need of inspiration, here are some of our killer pizza recipes to get you thinking:

Pizza Bianca

Pepperoni, Potato, and Broccoli Rabe Pizza

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    One of my favorites on grilled pizza is sliced plum tomato, goat cheese, arugula, and balsamic glaze. Yummy!

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