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Mad Hungry Cravings

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Courtesy of Artisan Books, 2013

You may know that all week, the theme of my daily videos has been “eat out at home.” Something you might not know (but definitely should), is that my longtime colleague and mentor Lucinda Scala Quinn has a new book out called Mad Hungry Cravings. It’s full of high-deliciousness-factor recipes for all the restaurant/takeout/childhood favorites you crave! From bacon onion dip to Philly cheesesteaks to baked potato poppers (which bear a striking resemblance to Tater Tots), Lucinda has you covered.

Photo by Jonathan Lovekin

After working side by side with Lucinda for an unmentionably long time, I feel uniquely qualified to say that you can trust her—trust her instincts, trust her palate, trust her recipes. She is currently on a book tour traveling all over the country. Learn more about the book and see if she is coming to your neck of the woods—she’d love to meet you!

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    My love for cooking began with my love affair with Lucinda's show. Simple, well-explained processes and recipes; spurtulas, and her fav book "Mad Hungry. Feeding Men and Boys", of which I own two copies (one with grease and food stains and one signed on a bookshelf). My husband and family can't believe I cook and bake!. Thank You, Lucinda, my friend (well... sort of..)

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