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Fast Cooking Tips

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This week we're focused on fast. To get dinner on the table quickly, choose the right techniques and start with high-quality ingredients (so you don't have to do a lot to them). Read on to see how you can be a speedier cook.

Set yourself up for success. Prep ahead if you can. When you have extra time on the weekends to make broth or marinara, make large batches and freeze the leftovers. You'll thank yourself later when a recipe's ingredient list calls for them. The work is already done for you!

Use high-impact ingredients. Soy sauce and Parmesan have something in common: Both are robust ingredients where someone else has put in all the effort (they take over a year to produce). Take advantage of the convenience and lean on these ingredients. You'll add quick flavor.

Choose fast-cooking methods and foods. There's a reason we love broiling and other no-fuss ways to cook: They're fast and easy. You could broil a piece of salmon in 10 minutes or less and have dinner on the table not long afterward. Choose a side that's fast too. Couscous is one of our go-to options because it's both quick and easy to make.

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    I receive the daily emails from Sarah Carey and make quite a few of the receipes. I wanted to ask that you add the receipe back on the video link. Not sure why's is no longer there. Thanks,

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    Thanks for the tips. I love Trader Joe's because it seems like everything's already half-way made.

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