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Today's Recipe: Ham-and-Swiss Quiche

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This gluten-free quiche solves the problem of overworking the dough and creating a tough crust: No gluten, no problem! And the savory ham-and-cheese filling will hit the spot with everyone.

Get the full recipe.

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    Looks delicious!

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    Dear Sarah, Thanks so much for this great recipe! I'm celiac, and as I'm probably your biggest fan from France, I often make a gluten free version of your everyday videos. I did it last night, it's perfect, finely a real GF "Quiche Lauraine" ! Can't wait to try more GF recipes from you...

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    Why are you featuring "gluten-free"? Only 1% of the population has celiac disease?

    Gluten free is another diet fad. Don't follow the crowd -- don't be a sheeple, EDF!
    Per Webmd:
    "Once the FDA ruling is announced, the gluten-free flood gates may open even wider. Perhaps it’s the power of marketing, but when you see so many products boasting about the lack of gluten, more people will likely be convinced that these foods are healthier choices – even if they don’t have celiac or fully understand the meaning of the claim."

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    Gluten free is NOT a fad! Just ask my digestive system! Please don't judge what you have not experienced yourself!
    I appreciate all the gluten-free recipes, keep them coming!!

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    Don't know where you got your numbers, Patti, but they are extremely outdated. Current medical info on celiac occurrence has it closer to 10% and many of the researchers believe that is still an underestimate. It's hard enough to give up foods you love without the judgments of others who believe your medical reality, diagnosed after invasive, costly procedures, is a fad.

    Thanks for the recipes! Making the almond cake for the family today.

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    This looks amazing, :) thank you so much for posting this!

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