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Go Gluten-Free This Week

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Even after today's delicious quiche recipe, we're still receiving a flood of emails begging for more gluten-free recipes. We're here to help. Don't suffer anymore bland dinners; there are plenty of great meal options to fit your diet. Try out these five recipes to switch up your dinner repertoire this week.

Gluten-Free Coconut-Lime Chicken Noodle Soup

Vegetable Frittata with Roasted Potatoes and Garlic

Gluten-Free Mac and Cheese

Soba Noodle Salad with Chicken and Scallions


Gluten-Free Oatmeal Cookies

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    Please do more dairy-and egg-free recipes as well as gluten free on your Everyday Food videos.

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    Wow! These are awesome! I can't wait to try all of it. Thank you for doing this for us GF folks.

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    Thanks so much, us celiacs really appreciate it!

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    I'm not surprised that you are being flooded with emails requesting gluten free (and allergy free) recipes -- we are here, and we are hungry for good quality foods!

    I remember when you (MS) did a poll a couple of years ago and asked for votes about what kind of new magazine the brand should publish. I know that the votes for a publication with recipes for our 'special diet' community was a top contender -- but we lost out to 'dogs', if I remember correctly.

    Celiac disease and gluten intolerance are some of the most misdiagnosed medical conditions in the , with the total numbers of those affected actually being diagnosed being under 10%. Thankfully, that number is much larger than it was a few years ago and doctors are being educated - helping more people become well by prescribing the required gluten free diet.

    Now, we just need to be recognized as a group with real needs to be met --- so I ask on behalf of my 'food intolerant and allergic' community, that you make a gluten free/allergy free section in every publication that you do. Your power in the media has the potential to bring so many of the undiagnosed people toward help! So many of the people diagnosed over the last few years sought help after seeing the term 'gluten free' and researched it to see what it meant. They recognized their own symptoms and went to a doctor.
    Please continue with the GF recipes - and take it a step further and help advocate for us!

    Alabama Gluten Free and Celiac Community

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    This looks super yummy! I want to eliminate gluten for the next two months to see how I feel.

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