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Cocktail O'Clock: Sumo Orange Spritz

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Want something special to serve at your Easter brunch on Sunday? Why not try this Sumo orange spritz, an elegant alternative to the ordinary mimosa. I used peels from sumo oranges, a favorite in our test kitchen for their intense sweetness and tang, to infuse vodka to get a more pure concentrated flavor than simply using the juice. If you can't find Sumo oranges, which are a hybrid blend of a mandarin and regular orange, navel, blood orange, or tangerine would work as well. Keep reading for the recipe! For the infused vodka:

Use a vegetable peeler to remove thick strips of zest from 5-6  scrubbed oranges, and add to a clean glass jar with a lid. Cover with 2 cups vodka, cover, and store in a cool place for at least 2 days and up to a week, shaking daily.  Strain, and enjoy.

For the spritz:

To an ice filled glass add:

2 ounces orange infused vodka
1/2 ounce elderflower liqueur
3 ounces prosecco or club soda

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    Hello EDF, I was wondering if when you post an alcoholic drink if you could also post the non-alcoholic alternative. I dont drink but I must admit that your drinks are tempting. Just a friendly suggestion that I know others would like as well. Thank you for all your hard work for all of us who are missing the cooking gene.

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