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Baking Sheet 101

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As any good cook knows, using the right kitchen equipment can determine if a recipe is a winner or a failure before you even mix the ingredients. Set yourself up for success by learning the lingo with baking sheets.

There are two types of baking sheets that you need in your culinary arsenal: cookie sheets and rimmed sheet pans.

Cookie sheet: You can spot a cookie sheet by its two—sometimes three—flat, unrimmed edges that allow air to circulate around the cookies for even browning. However, the flat edges limit the use of this type of sheet; you can't use them for roasting because any juices will run right off the side.

Rimmed sheet pan: This sheet is incredibly versatile: It's defining feature—has rimmed edges that are usually one inch high—make it a great tool for roasting meats and vegetables. Shop for a sheet made of heavy-duty aluminum, which won't warp in high heat and will be broilersafe.

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    Love the sturdy aluminum rimmed cookie shieets which are so easy to clean and my cookies dont brown as fast as if using the non-stick pans.
    rotating the sheet half way through baking results in even baking!
    I am not a non-stick pan person!
    LOVE Martha Stewarts PROFESSIONAL sturdy aluminum baking sheets!

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