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Today's Recipe: Pork Loin with Carrots, Fennel, and Lemons

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If you prepped your carrots and fennel on Sunday, tonight's dinner will be almost completely hands-off! Plus, it makes a double batch of roast veggies, so you'll have leftovers for what we're cooking up on Thursday.  Watch the video to see Everyday Food editor Sarah's tips for a juicy pork loin.

Get the full recipe.

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    I love getting videos from everyday food - I do wish that I could also see the recipe - sometimes I don't have time to watch the video - I'd like to make a note of the ingredients and watch the video later.
    Thank you

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    Made this last night - delicious! First time I've cooked with fennel and I loved the flavor it added.
    I agree about the recipe videos. I don't have time to watch them and I often go straight to the recipe. However, I really enjoy the little ones they do with the tips straight from the kitchen. Short, sweet and very helpful! Let's see more of those!

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    I love the recipe videos, they're fun to watch and they take hardly any time out of my day. They're super helfpul - thank you so much for making them!!

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