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Five Essential Citrus Tools

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When we were whipping up recipes for Citrus Week (and enjoying all the fresh citrus in supermarkets right now), we noticed there were a few tools we turned to again and again. Here's the scoop on five of our favorites...

1. Rasp grater

A handheld grater has small holes with razor sharp edges, making perfect for creating fluffy, finely-grated zest. Rub a citrus fruit against the grater, rotating the fruit as soon as white pith appears.

Microplane Soft-Handle Zester Grater
$15, Amazon

2. Citrus zester

Drag this tool across the surface of a lemon to create long, thin strips of zest that are ideal for candying and using as decoration on cakes, cupcakes, or cookies, or for tossing in a fresh salad.

Victorianox Lemon Zester
$8, Wasserstrom

3. Citrus reamer

There are tons of tools dedicated to juicing fresh oranges, but unless you're making freshly-squeezed O.J. on the daily, a small reamer is probably your best bet – it doesn't take up much space in your drawer and is easy to clean and store.

Wood Citrus Reamer
$3, Knife Merchant 

4. Citrus peeler

Okay, so this is hardly an "essential" tool, but it sure is fun! Drag the small hook on one end along your orange and it makes a perfect seam for easy peeling. Toss it in a desk drawer to make eating a fresh orange a healthy, energizing afternoon snack.

Citrus Peeler
$1, Pampered Chef

5. Citrus press

You'll see Sarah uses one of these every time she juices a lemon or lime. It's a standby tool in our kitchen because it quickly extracts every drop of juice from a lemon or lime while leaving the seeds behind, so you get the most citrus-y bang for your buck.

Martha Stewart Collection Citrus Press
$13, Macys

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