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Today's Recipe: Peanut-Butter Granola Bars

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Is it a snack or an amazing, healthy alternative to dessert? You decide! These bars are a great kitchen DIY project overflowing with dried fruit and nuts. In this video, Sarah shows you how to make granola bars at home.

Get the full recipe.

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    I REALLY enjoy watching Sarah's videos. Funny, informative, tasty. Definitely gives you the confidence
    You can do it! attitude. Thanks much.

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    I REALLY enjoy watching Sarah's videos too. She has a great personality, funny and informative. She makes it look so fun and easy to do. You go girl!

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    I absolutely love Sarah and her videos. Truth be told, I didn't enjoy cooking until I stumbled upon her. The humor and fun she brings to cooking make it so much less intimidating! Now I'm trying things I wouldn't have dared before, with my buddy Sarah by my side. Yeah, that's right, I almost feel like I know her because she's just so darn friendly and adorable. Thank you, Sarah! Hope you stay around for MANY years to come.

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    Thanks for sharing the video. It’s a very nutritious treat you may enjoy any time of the day. Nice post.

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