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Today's Recipe: Curry-Spiced Veggie Burgers

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Today Sarah is starting off meatless week with a burger... A veggie burger, of course! This easy, flavorful, and freeze-able burger is even better than store bought.

Get the full recipe.

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    Sounds like the perfect combo!

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    Which months was curry spiced veggie burgers printed in Everyday Food Magazine?

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    Hi Krystyna... This is a web-exclusive recipe, it has not been published before this! We hope you love it.

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    My mother used to prepare this kind of burgers. It tastes insanely good and it's healthy too. This recipe is a bit more complex than those I know, so thank you for inspiration. And don't compare it to store bought food, that's an insult :)

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    These are very good. We love them. They cooked up so well the first few times I made them. Now, they are falling apart sometimes before I can get them to the hot oil. I used gluten free flour instead of bread crumbs until I could get some descent gluten free bread crumbs (we have to be gluten free). They fall apart either way. Any suggestions?

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