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Diet Dictionary: Vegetarian

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Is this meal vegetarian? Most people would say yes, but it all depends on who you ask.

Everyone knows being vegetarian means not eating meat. But what about eggs? Fish? Dairy? Here's the scoop on the full spectrum of vegetarianism.

Vegan: Vegans don’t eat anything sourced from animals, including milk and eggs. The strictest vegans let the philosophy guide their lifestyle, too (no leather allowed!).

Lacto-ovo vegetarian: Also known as the “typical” vegetarian, these types avoid all type of animal flesh, but eggs and dairy products get the green light.

Pescatarian: A lacto-ovo vegetarian who adds one animal protein to the diet: fish

Flexitarian:  Not exactly "vegetarian" in the strict sense, Flexitarians consume meat in small quantities (and only occasionally) and tend toward a plant-based diet.

Considering going veg, in one form or another? Read this great essay by a flexitarian about how she learned to love meatless meals.



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