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Cocktail O'Clock: What to Drink While You Watch the Golden Globes

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The only thing that could make us more excited to watch Tina Fey and Amy Poehler host the Golden Globes this weekend is the hilarious drinking game they devised for the show. For that, we will need a cocktail. Something refreshing, sparkling, not too complicated and, most importantly, not too boozy (it's Sunday, after all!) . Read on the for the Golden Globes Cocktail we developed just for this occasion. 

Golden Globes Cocktail

Fill a glass or flute with ice. Add 1 ounce Goldschlager. Top with ginger ale and club soda. Garnish with a twisted lemon peel.

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    Hmm, safer idea than the Naked Dooley, especially on a Sunday night! Can't wait to try it.

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    Has the digital version of Everyday Food been discontinued? I renewed my subscription and haven't received the January issue.

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    That both looks and sounds pretty refreshing!

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