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Cocktail O'Clock: Have You Tried Fernet Branca?

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In the mood to kick back with a cocktail that's a little bit... different?  Open a bottle of Fernet Branca. The bitter aromatic Italian liqueur is a blend of many strong herbal flavors, and is commonly used as a digestif.  Straight up, it's a little too strong for us (though it wasn't for these guys!).  We prefer  to mellow it out with a bit of cola. Add an ounce of  Fernet Branca to a class filled with ice, then top it off with about a cup of cola. Have you tried Fernet Branca? let us know what you think!

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    Try the Fernet with seltzer over ice and fresh lime juice. Will keep your tummy feeling
    great all evening after dinner or cocktail indulgences.

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