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Special Delivery: Tips for Shipping and Packing Cookies this Holiday Season

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Want to share some cookie joy this season? Ship your baked goods to far-away friends. Here's how to ensure the treats survive the trip...


-Individually wrap any delicate cookies with layers of tissue paper.

- Pack the cookies, along with more tissue, very snugly inside a decorative box.  Find cute boxes, labels, treat bags and more like the ones above by Martha Stewart Crafts here.

-Pack the decorative box in a shipping box, cushioning all sides with tissue, packing peanuts, or bubble wrap.  "This protects the inner box and prevents it from shaking around." says Laurie Timmors, consumer advocate at the U.S. Postal Service.



-You can ship any cookie that doesn't require refrigeration, says Tina Casaceli, owner of Milk and Cookies Bakery in NYC, but basic drop cookies like chocolate chip do the best. Avoid cookies with fillings and icings, and spongy or cake-like cookies that will dry out.

-For deliveries that take longer than a few days, especially when shipping overseas, when it can take up to two weeks to deliver, cookies with a low-moisture content (such as biscotti and shortbread) are the best option to ensure that cookies will arrive fresh. If mailing overseas, you may even want to swap out butter for vegetable shortening to prevent molding.

-When mailing overseas to troops there may be specific restrictions for ingredients in the country your solider is stationed in.  For example, in the Middle East pork products, alcohol, and aromatic spices are not acceptable so check before baking, and always label the contents of the package and all ingredients used, i.e “The contents of this package contain no pork products, no alcohol, and no spices such as allspice or nutmeg.” Find out more about these restrictions and mailing instructions from the USPS here.

-Bar cookies are another great option for shipping, avoid complex shapes which break more easily.

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    why did you not give instructions on how to recreate the snowman you say was made from a tree .Its beautiful and I would love to make make this.

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