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Today's Recipe: Luxurious Mashed Potatoes

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Smooth and fluffy, a bowl of great mashed potatoes is enough to put most Thanksgiving guests on Cloud Nine. But the secret isn't piling in extra ingredients or whipping the potatoes into submission. Watch the video above, and Sarah will show you how one simple tool can help you make the mashed potatoes of your dreams.

Click here for the recipe.

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    Can you make these ahead of time and heat them up? If so, how would you heat them?

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    Hi there! Sarah writes: "I would make and refrigerate, then just reheat them in the microwave, or add a little additional milk and stir them over medium heat on top of the stove." Hope you enjoy!

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    I love my potato ricer, but use less liquid than you do, for a firmer firmer mashed potato texture. I warm the milk, and melt the butter, in a microwave, before adding to the riced potatoes.

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