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Today's Recipe: Easy Pie Crust

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Although there's a sizable camp of nonbelievers when it comes to the homemade pie crust, this simple recipe might be just what they need to restore their faith. In this video, Sarah shows you how a food processor and plastic wrap make quick work of mixing and shaping pie dough that you can freeze ahead for all your holiday desserts.

Click here for the recipe.

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    i subscribe to MS living, i was just curious,(no im not an activist) just wondering why she publishes so many recipes using baby lamb , i am considering cancelling my subscription .....i enjoy some of the other recipes, but get tired of seeing so much LAMB....... i am not a total vegaterian, but i have never eaten lamb and never will.....just the thought of killing a baby to eat, just isnt right, not to offend anyone that does, some people will eat pretty much anything... just hate there are so many LAMB recipes...... i understand she raises her own animals to eat does she kill them herself ?????.... long time subscriber....... :(

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    I own a food processor, but never use it for making pie crusts or biscuits. A pastry cutter is fast, easy, and easy to clean up. Butter may have a taste advantage, but shortening produces a crust with a flakier texture. (It's a matter of personal preference.)

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    Sarah says in Pie Crust video 1 TABLESPOON sugar; written recipe says 1 teaspoon. This is Thanksgiving and it WILL make a difference. Oops!

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    I agree with CATTYE. I eat meat but i would never hurt an animal/bug. I AM NOT AN ACTIVIST EITHER.

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    I agree with John's post....butter dough is not necessarily the flakiest. I prefer shortening to butter any day! Less cholestorol also. I just got a food processor and will try making dough but with shortening. My dough comes out very very flaky! I tried both and prefer shortening. I am lactose intolerent too lol!

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