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Putting My Chicken Pot Pie To The Test!

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A few weeks ago we did a video on how to make my Chicken Pot Pie. The recipe comes with a funny story about my kids (check out the video if you haven’t seen it). Late in the afternoon that it aired, I got an email from my partner and co-mom Maryann. She made the potpies! This is BIG (huge!) because she barely ever cooks (who would living with me?). But lately she has been at home taking care of the kids, and has been using my videos to learn how to cook. Here's how it went...

Maryann brought her iPad into the kitchen and made the recipe straight from the video. She made a few adjustments along the way, substituting broccoli for the green beans and adding “some white root vegetable I found in the fridge” (they turned out to be white sweet potatoes). She also made one big pot pie instead of individuals, and made a top and bottom crust, instead of just a top.

She learned a few lessons:

  1. With our easy recipes even novice cooks feel comfortable enough in the kitchen to improvise (just remember that if you add sweet potatoes you might need more salt to offset the sweetness).
  2. My “pinch” of salt equals about ½ teaspoon, Maryann’s ¼ teaspoon. I always knew I had a heavy hand, and now we have proof! That's why it's important to taste as you season, so you can get it to your liking.
  3. Puff pastry should only be placed on top of a potpie not underneath, or the bottom won’t cook and will just get soggy and pale. (I could have told her that, but I am glad she learned it on her own.)
  4. No matter what, people love potpie.

Let me know if you make any of my recipes and how you adapt them... And send pics! Here are Maryann's.

Making the filling...

Assembling the pot pie (bottom crust and all!)

Ta-da! The finished dish.

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    You go, Maryann! I love potpie. After reading about Maryann's adventures, I am definitely trying this myself. I've been considering recipes for turkey leftovers, so this is perfect! (Thanks for photos, too!)

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    how could we send pictures? is there an email address for sarah or everyday food?
    my children have been very very inspired by the videos and love sarah. they think of her as a friend. they'd love send "fan mail" to her if you could provide an address. thanks! we made sarah's "granola bars" the other day. fab!

  • avatar Author Comment:

    Hi Kate. We'd LOVE to see your creations! You can post them on our facebook page (facebook.com/everydayfood) or email emailsarah@marthastewart.com. Looking forward to it!

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    will do--thanks so much!

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    I do this all the time- cook with my iPad! Your recipes are so easy and you offer so many little tidbits while you cook, it just makes it easier to cook with you!

    Thanks for all you do! You make dinnertime easy!


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