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    I received my first extra special edition of Everyday Food with the MSL magazine today. I am very disappointed with the few ideas and recipes in the flimsy insert. I subscribed to Everyday Food a couple of years ago, because I liked the format of the magazine and I could easily whip up a couple of meals with items already in my pantry without having to buy anything special. My husband liked it because I was no longer in a rut with my cooking and that they weren't fancy recipes, just good food made easily. There are plenty of magazines out there with gourmet food recipes, which I already get, but very few that meet the needs of the working woman like Everyday Food. I really miss receiving Everyday Food and I'm sorry that MSL publishing felt that this magazine didn't fit its demographics. I am currently searching for a new magazine that will fill the void left by not having Everyday Food come to my door monthly.

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    I loved receiving Everyday Food I sorry that you all thought it was not good enough but, the simple recipes and few ingredients had me hooked since I am a working mother of 4 the recipes were easy as pie and super quick. I received the other magazine MSLiving and I dont want it ! I want the Everyday Food.....a much better magazine for a simple mo who just needs plain ole simple. I cancelling the subscription :(

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    Please bring print version of Everyday Food back!!!
    My family is hungry.

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