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5 Ways With Canned Pumpkin

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Any of these three purees can be used to whip up a quick sweet or savory pumpkin dish.

Already Thanksgiving seems like a distant memory. The only proof it was ever here seems to be the stubborn wine stains on the tablecloth (here's how to get those out, by the way), a few extra pounds on the scale  (here are some healthy meals to help counter that side effect), and all those Thanksgiving staples on sale at the supermarket (I spotted two-for-one boxed stuffing this weekend). One that's really worth stocking up on is canned pumpkin puree. It has plenty of delicious applications that go way beyond pie! Read on for a shopping tip, plus five of our favorite canned pumpkin recipes.

Shopping tip

Make sure you grab a can of the real deal (the ingredient list should have just one item: pumpkin) and not pie mix, which has added sugar and spices and, therefore, is way less versatile.

Easy ideas


Pumpkin and Pecorino Gratin (above)
Baked in a casserole dish with a cheesy breadcrumb topping, canned pumpkin can be the star of a simple side dish.

Spicy Enchiladas With Pumpkin Sauce
In this recipe, a can of pumpkin puree makes the base for a sweet-yet-spicy sauce for chicken enchiladas.

Pumpkin Pasta
Used in place of a cheese such as ricotta, the puree lightens up a classic pasta bake without cutting back on creaminess.

Pumpkin Doughnut Muffins
These sweets are like the best of pumpkin pie (spiced yet sugar-y), but acceptable to eat for breakfast or brunch.

Pumpkin Shake
No recipe necessary: Blend together 1 part pumpkin puree, 1 part milk, and 2 parts vanilla ice cream, plus a pinch of cinnamon.







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    I am bitterly disappointed that I will no longer get a print version of Everyday Food. The magazine has been on my kitchen counter for years. It is very hard to read an online recipe that is on the computer in the den when I am in the kitchen. Living is a nice magazine, but it has a lot of articles that do not interest me. I am interested in lots of interesting recipes for dinner, rather than decor for Jude or Tru.

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