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Weighty Topics: Kitchen Sink Smoothie

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So, I'm trying not to eat any gluten unless I have to for work. The other day, I walked into the kitchen after a particularly windy bike commute. I was hungry, and I really wanted an egg on toast. Actually, I really wanted French toast with lots of butter, cream, and syrup.

Instead, I rummaged around the produce shelf and found some bits and pieces  to make a ridiculously healthy, yet tasty, morning smoothie. Mine included cooked beets, spinach, peaches, blueberries, peanut butter, pineapple juice, and a banana.

Isn't she beautiful? What kind of weird odds and ends do you like to throw into a morning smoothie?

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    "trying not to eat gluten except for work" is a very odd comment to me.

    You probably know this, but either you have a medical reason to avoid gluten (and in that case you shouldn't ever eat it because it is really bad for your body. I have celiac disease so I know.) or you don't (in which case eating gluten free isn't any healthier than eating a diet with gluten).

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    Chia seeds, ground flax, whey protein powder, maybe plain greek yogurt, in addition to the items on your list!

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    Whey protein is a highly processed food and if I were you, I would avoid adding that to your smoothie. Add spinach, kale and chard for protein. Google this and you'll be presently surprised how much protein and calcium you can get from greens.

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    Like somebody mentioned above me, try to avoid processed food like whey protein. Much healthier and natural sources out there.

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