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Must-Read Monday: Is the bacon shortage real? Plus new Girl Scout Cookie boxes

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Bill Cosby wants you to "think of the pancreas" before you reach for that mid-afternoon sugar boost. [The Atlantic]

How do you pick out a bad genetically engineered apple? NPR's food blog, The Salt, investigates two apple varieties that won't brown when sliced and are set to gain USDA approval. [NPR]

You know that impending bacon shortage that sent the media into a tizzy last week? It might have been a false alarm. [Slate]

These hungry high school students aren't satisfied with the new calorie limits on school lunches, and they've taken their message to YouTube. [YouTube]

It seems like Girl Scout Cookie season was just yesterday, but it's already here again. This month, your box of Thin Mints might look a little different. [The Huffington Post]

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