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Must Read Monday: America's preoccupation with pumpkin, plus plunging peanut prices

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Come October, Americans develop tunnel vision for anything pumpkin, from Starbucks' legendary Pumpkin Spice Latte to ice cream, even beer. And, according to a new report, the food industry is turning orange into green. [New York Magazine]

No Instagramming at the dinner table! Some restaurants are starting to develop new cell phone policies for their customers . [The Huffington Post]

Although there was much ado over the YouTube videos and outcries from of students opposing new school lunch standards, it turns out most kids, in California at least, like them. [The Los Angeles Times]

Get out the bread and jelly. This year's peanut crop has erased last year's fears of a peanut butter shortage. [Fox Business]

It may be hard to tell from perusing Trader Joe's wine section, but Europe is experiencing the worst grape harvest in 50 years. [Google News]

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