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Too Much of a Good Thing: Chile Peppers

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My garden is packed with hot chile peppers, as well as sweeter Italian peppers. I can't make enough salsa to use up the jalapeños, so I looked for some new ideas online. I found this great recipe for pickled jalapeños on Pati's Mexican Table. I didn't have the 3 pounds of jalapeños that the recipe calls for, so I added some of the Italian ones plus cauliflower to the mix.

As Pati suggests on her blog, the pickled chiles are great on pizza and in sandwiches. The vegetables get cooked in oil before the vinegar brine is added, so the end result is like a vinaigrette. I have been pairing it and the other pickled veggies with a green salad. I've also piled the pickled chiles and onions onto a breakfast burrito (those are bits of chopped jalapeño in the eggs, too -- I just seeded them to decrease their heat).

Harder to use up have been my habaneros, as they pack a wallop of fiery heat. One tiny guy can spice up an entire dish.

I've used them in ceviche and sauteed vegetables. I also made a jerk marinade to use on chicken wings, as well as a hot habanero sauce, also courtesy of Pati's Mexican Table. The hot sauce is so potent that I just add a spoonful to scrambled eggs or other sauces. Both sauces keep for a while in the fridge.

What are your favorite ways to use up extra chiles?

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