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today's recipe: broccoli pasta with parmesan croutons

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Stuck in a broccoli rut? Try adding some crunchy, cheesy crouton to garlicky broccoli and shells for a dinner kid-friendly dinner.

Click here for the recipe.

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    This looks really good, thanks for the recipe. So simple.

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    i love broccoli and this is a great way to do something different without it being too difficult :D
    i also use ww.amazine.com for food inspiration! check out this recent article http://www.amazine.com/story/806452

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    As a vegetable broccoli has a delicious taste so also pasta and learning this recipe has a big advancement to add a tastier dish to my lunch and dinner table.

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    Broccoli and pasta is one of my favorite combos! Great idea with the croutons that makes it fun and easy.

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