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WTF: What's That Food? Purslane

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Purslane, an edible weed

photo credit: Forest & Kim Starr

What's that food? It's Purslane!

If all you see here is a mucilaginous edible weed (what, that doesn't sounds awesome to you?), you're missing out on a whole lot! Beloved the world over for thousands of years, we seem to have sort of forgotten about purslane in more recent times. That's a shame, because it's crunchy and succulent (and only a little slippery), with a fresh and mildly tart flavor -- and it also happens to be super high in omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients, making it one of the healthiest things you'll find growing in the garden. It's fabulous raw in green salads, slipped into a sandwich, chopped and stirred into mayonnaise-based salads, or sauteed like spinach. Feeling a little fancy? Try this Flatbread with Sorrel Pesto and Edible-Weed Salad! If it doesn't grow wild in your back yard, you can find it at the farmer's market (and occasionally in cracks in the sidewalk, but we don't endorse eating that). Next time you see it, make sure you give it a try!

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    Yay, I have a garden full of purslane! Perhaps I will make a salad with that and my bishop's weed (which is yummy). Thanks, Martha Stewart and Co.!

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