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today's recipe: spicy turkey thighs

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You'll need only four simple ingredients to create these juicy, flavorful turkey thighs.

Click here for recipe.

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    Yes, yes, yes!!! I've been wondering what to do with that darned can of Old Bay for eons!!

    This was BRILLIANT!

    I combined it with the cumber/yellow squash/cucumber ribbon salad and couscous, as the kids are little and still demand a carb. I had the most fortuitous accident in my spice cabinet -- as I reached for the Old Bay, I cam across a little long-forgotten plastic bag from London's Spice Shop labelled Couscous Seasoning. I could see dried rose petals, so I couldn't resist.

    Everything was... amazing. Truly, everyone should try to get their hands on that couscous seasoning mix (if they ever find themselves in London!). And get Old Bay just for this recipe!

    Thank you Sarah for another inspired dinner.

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