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today's recipe: skillet shrimp and orzo

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Using the absorption cooking method is the secret to this delightful dinner. Using one skillet allows the orzo to absorb all of the flavor -- and also makes clean-up a breeze!

Click here for recipe.

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    Sara, you've inspired me to cook! I have never liked cooking but you do it with such gusto and it's so fast and delicious looking that I had to try some of your recipes. Thank you for showing me the fast and easy and delicious ways to make a really great meal for my hubby and me!

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    Having a delightful and flavorsome recipe on the lunch or in the dinner table fill our stomach with more hunger.The menu skillet shrimp and orzo will fill more tastier to our dish.The video is a very utility one to make this menu without any wrong taste.

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    I love fish and always think that if you keep things fresh by adding a bit of thyme and lemon you can never go wrong! Check out my collage on this recipe here :)


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