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cuppow: a sippy-cup for grown-ups

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Your homemade beverage will earn coolness points with this hip lid.

You already know that we're deeply in love with making our own cold brew here at Everyday Food. Some crazy people, like yours truly, even make theirs with decaf coffee beans in order to have a beverage that can be consumed any time, day or night. But to truly replicate the to-go experience, you've gotta have your icy treat in a portable cup, and a lidless tumbler simply won't do when you're rushing into to the office. I use mason jars a lot in my home kitchen, so when I heard about the Cuppow—a reusable plastic lid that turns any canning jar into a travel mug—I was intrigued.

I recently acquired a regular-size version (it also comes in a wide-mouth style) and have been using it all summer long. For my morning commute, this clever reusable lid means I don't spill on myself while the subway jitters along. Sometimes, I bring undiluted cold brew (which I've sweetened with a little simple syrup) in a canning jar with a regular lid. When I'm in need of a frosty sip, I pour in some milk, switch to the Cuppow, shake to combine (with my fingers over the two holes, of course), and enjoy an afternoon treat without any fear of spilling on my keyboard. I use it for lemonade, sparkling water, and other beverages too, of course. It only takes a little while to get used to the idea that you look a bit like a toddler.

Who knew innovation could be this easy, or this lo-fi? And for the record, the Cuppow works with hot or cold beverages. Though it's too hot here in New York to try this with hot coffee right now, I can imagine how nice it'll be to warm my hands with a hot cuppa come winter.

Buy a Cuppow at cuppow.com; both sizes $7.99 each

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    I've never owned a canning jar...do the lids come with holes in them to allow cuppow or do you have to get them somewhere? Thanks!

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    Simi, that's a great question! There are actually a few varieties of canning jars -- some use a swing-top lid, some clamp down -- but the kind used with the Cuppow is commonly called a Mason jar or a Ball jar (due to the markings/brands on the jars) and they come in THREE distinct pieces: the glass jar, a lid (a mostly flat circle of metal with a slim gasket on it, which is the part that sucks inward when your canned item has properly sealed), and a ring. The Cuppow requires just the jar and the ring, since the ring is used to hold the Cuppow securely on top.

    Does that answer your question?

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    Another solution and no ring needed!
    reCAP Mason Jars!

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    This is a cool idea. I also saw some Mason jars which used lids that accomodate a glass straw, but didn't get the info. on where to purchase. I purchased glass straws from Glass Dharma and I love them! No more plastic straws needed.

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