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Adapting a Recipe to Make the Perfect Birthday Cookies

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My boyfriend, Jonathan, has never met a piece of mushy cake that didn’t love him back just as unconditionally. So he surprised me last week when he requested no cake for his birthday -- just cookies. He specified that the cookies had to be portable, as he would be taking them to the office (he writes about cars for the New York Times), and something the manly men of the Automobiles desk would appreciate (which meant chocolate).

I’d been curious about this EDF Ghostly Bat and Cat Cookies Halloween recipe and had some plans to tailor it: I replaced one half of the granulated sugar with confectioners’ with the hope that the cookies would be sandier, and I added a tablespoon of finely ground coffee to the dry ingredients for some zip. When I rolled out the dough and used my new car-shaped cookie cutter from Whisk (plus J's for Jonathan), I knew I had a winning treat to add to my repertoire. Plus, they bake so fast!

The clincher was the ganache I made to sandwich the cookies together. I used rum (the first bottle I grabbed from the liquor shelf, though really any spirit would work in a simple ganache like this) and splashed it in to lend a palpably boozy boost.

I dusted confectioners’ sugar on top to unify slight differences in shapes and smooth out the little surface imperfections (to prevent bumps, I should have sifted the cocoa powder before baking with it).

What’s your favorite add-in to make a recipe your own?

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    I have just spent at least an hour looking for the
    the recipe for the cornflake based cookies that were
    shown on this mornings show/08/22/12. I was just so
    fascinated and am dying to make them. Please tell me exactly how i can find this recipe on line. I ran right out and now have all the indredients but
    not the recipe. I think your show is absolutely
    wonderful. Can't wait to see you again at Point de
    Point in Wilmington. Wish you would walk around and
    say hello. Do a show from there next year. Great fun.One tip you constantly interrupt your guests and
    it is difficult to follow them sometimes. This is
    meant to be constructive. God Bless. JGotwols
    We missed P to P this year due to illness.

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