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the tofuxpress is a tofu-pressing powerhouse

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The TofuXpress removes liquid from blocks of ordinary tofu

It's widely known that pressing tofu to remove excess liquid can make for a meatier final product that better absorbs dressings, marinades, and sauces. (Check out our Tofu-Vegetable Stack from this month's issue for a great recipe that uses this technique.) Every once in a while, creating a tower of paper towels, plates, and heavy cans is no biggie, but if you eat a lot of tofu, you probably long for something quicker that generates less waste. For me, the TofuXpress is a game-changer: a reusable, convenient small appliance that presses standard blocks of tofu with a simple spring-loaded mechanism.

I've used my TofuXpress twice now and found it easy to assemble and stash in my fridge. I pressed one package of extra-firm tofu in the morning and when I came home from work, the block had reduced in size by almost half! I was astounded by the quantity of liquid that came out. Last night, I left my tofu in the device for only half an hour. Even in a short time, a significant amount of liquid was pressed out, rendering the block drier and easy to crumble for some larb tofu (a mostly vegetarian spin on the amazing Thai dish larb gai). I make a lot of vegetarian meals, so this little tool definitely has a place in my kitchen.

TofuXpress, $40, tofuxpress.com or some Sur La Table locations

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    Hear, hear! I can't recommend this handy little contraption enough. My quality of life skyrocketed when I could press the water out of a block of tofu without precariously balancing every heavy cookbook in the house precariously on top of a cutting board on top of what would eventually be an uneven, crumbled mess of soy anyway.

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    I just bought an I pad; now I need to learn how to have my subscription transfered to it. I've kept about 5 or more years of the magazines (putting them all by the same month so if I want a recipe for a certain month I can look at them all) and am running out of space so I thought this would be a perfect way to keep them without having so many baskets.

    My question is when is the program "Everyday Food" going to come back on. It was the first cooking show I ever watched and still my favorite; I miss it so much. Will it be put back on?

    Thank you,

    Carol Morrison Petrie

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    You can also freeze the tofu for I HOUR FOR A MEATIER texture.

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    If you like to cook firm and extra firm tofu, a good press is a must have. I use the EZ Tofu Press, for half the cost it does the samething! They have a video

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    I typically do not purchase uni-taskers for the kitchen, however, I purchased one of these about a year ago. It is an MVP in my kitchen! I use it a couple of times a week. I usually just press my tofu for 30 minutes and find it does the trick just as well as pressing it over night or during the work day. The Tofu Express website also offers a lot of great recipes. If you order 2 at a time (one for you, one for a friend), you save a few dollars. I highly recommend this kitchen tool!

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    @Barbara, Freezing tofu is a great trick to change the texture (and a good way to stock tofu away when you find it on sale), but sometimes can lead to a change in consistency and color that's undesirable for a specific application. In my experience, frozen tofu is more crumbly than pressed tofu -- it's great for scrambles, though!

    @Leslie, I'm glad you've found a press that works for you! I like that I don't have to fiddle with screws to press my block evenly, and that I can just pop the brick in and walk away (plus, having the liquid self-contained makes my fridge less crowded/messy), but that's a great option for readers to consider. Thanks for mentioning it! I think we can both agree that having a gadget to help out with this step is a real perk.

    @JoAnna, that's a great tip! Thanks for sharing.

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    FROM TOFUXPRESS: Feel free to send us any recipes you made using the TofuXpress and we'll post them on our website. Send recipes with photo(s) to recipes@tofuxpress.com.

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