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for the love of Marmite, a classic British treat

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I had the good fortune to visit England between the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Day and the Olympics. I celebrated both by visiting a local grocery store in search of my favorite tasty British treat—Marmite. Not only did I get some of that much loved (and much-hated) dark salty spread (a yeasty by-product of the beer brewing process), I found something new: Marmite rice cakes.

Marmite Rice Cakes

A new variation of a quintessentially British treat.

I admit to falling on the "love" side of the Marmite divide. But I prefer the usual spread variation to the rice cakes, primarily because the rice cakes are dry (as are all rice cakes, really), whereas the classic format creates a lusciously gooey mess -- that would be white bread spread with butter, then a thin layer of Marmite. Also classic is to top this off with a slice of good English cheddar. (Though I admit I adore brown bread, olive oil and plenty of Marmite—a combo that would make your average Brit shudder, I'm sure, even if they secretly enjoyed it!)

But any way you want to try it, grab a pint of dark beer from the UK, crack open a jar of Marmite, and toast the Queen and our Olympic hosts this summer. Enjoy!

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