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our gluten-free pasta primer

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Clockwise from upper-left: brown rice, corn, potato-rice-soy blend, quinoa

Have you noticed how many gluten-free options there are at the supermarket lately? There was a 37% increase in the number of GF products in grocery stores last year, according to a Nielsen report. It makes avoiding gluten easy, but the options can be overwhelming! I wrote a guide to cooking with gluten-free pasta for our May issue, and we tested a few popular pasta types in the process. The type you use really boils down to your personal preference, but our test kitchen's favorite was the blend of potato starch, rice flour, and soy flour from bionaturae. My favorite factoid I learned while writing the item was about the most popular type of gluten-free noodles—rice pasta...

Rice pasta makes for horrible leftovers! Rice contains amylose starch, which it hardens as it cools. This reaction is what makes leftover rice perfect to use in fried rice (the grains won't stick together or get soggy when you cook them), but it's also what makes refrigerated rice pasta so stiff and cardboard-like. Better to boil up small amounts of rice pasta at a time to avoid wasting later on.

What's your favorite type of gluten-free pasta?

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    The best kind of gluten free pasta to use is Quinoa. Most rice pastas tend to break apart even while you are cooking them and most definitely trying to reheat. You can find Quinoa in all the regular forms of pasta whether it is linguine or penne. On a gluten free diet Quinoa is a life saver!

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    bionaturae GF pasta cooks and tastes like regular semolina pasta! Most quinoas pastas are blended and have corn as the first ingredient.

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    Even better is Jovial Brown Rice Pasta.

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    The best is Mrs. Leeper's corn pasta. It has a great texture! It is great reheated. It has a beautiful yellow color, much like that of semolina pastas. It is also made in Italy, which might have something to do with its deliciousness. I have only ever found macaroni and spaghetti, but it is GREAT. I highly recommed this product.

    Side note- Cooking the rice pastas for 9-12 minutes, much less than what is recommended in the intructions, is my key to delicious al dente rice pasta. I also rinse in cold water to stop the cooking process.

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    I highly recommed the italian gluten-free pasta of Pastificio La Rosa.
    You can choose among macaroni, noodles, spaghetti and now sedanini, gramigna ditalini.
    It is a homemade product, made in full compliance with the rules of classical Italian tradition: after cooking it remains consistent, firm and elastic to satisfy even the most demanding consumers!

    Very very good!!!

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    I agree Quinoa is the best but I like it for its nutritional reasons also. It has 6 grams of protein per serving. I'm a GF vegetarian so for me that is such a help.

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