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our valentine's day candy swap

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We had so much fun with our Holiday cookie swap, we decided to have homemade candy swap for Valentine's Day. We were able to go a little crazy trying new things (some were more successful than others!), and by the time we came in the next day, there was a whole assortment of sweets for us to box up to take to our friends and loved ones. More pics of our candy party after the jump!We got our hands on a chocolate tempering machine, which made dipping our confections fast and easy.

We like to put up a sign-up sheet a couple of weeks before so that we don't have any overlap. These events can get a bit competitive!

Making marshmallows...pretty dreamy.

Just some heart-shaped cookies that Jesse decided to whip up at the last minute.

Heather making caramel.

Mini almond and coconut candies...ready for the chocolate vat.

Heather and Khalil sharing a laugh.

Cutting pate de fruit (fruit jellies). We made Campari grapefruit and mango apricot.

Chocolate covered Ritz cracker and peanut butter sandwiches!!

Dusting fruit jellies in sugar, so pretty.

Sam couldn't wait to sample a cherry truffle.

Dusting marshmallows with toasted coconut.

Everyone went home with such an assortment, made with love among friends.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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    So fun!! I want to work there! I whipped up a huge batch of assorted truffles and infused alcohol for my Valentine, but shhh, he hasn't received them yet :)

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    This is so cool you guys did/do this. It's this kind of real stuff I like to see. I'm curious about how you coated the homemade mallows with coconut--just sub it in for the powdered sugar coating? Wasn't that really hard to cut then?

  • avatar Author Comment:

    Thanks, Molly! You're right, we did just sub coconut for the powdered sugar coating. To make it easier to cut, Sam dipped a knife in cold water, which helped.

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