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an ode to vinegar

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I absolutely love vinegar. It is my go-to pantry staple for cooking, dressing, and finishing. I usually reach for my bottle of sherry vinegar instead of a lemon when making my classic house vinaigrette; the rounded nutty flavors that are characteristic of sherry add a certain complexity to an otherwise boring bowl of greens. Sometimes I toss fresh, ripe mango in a bit of rice vinegar for an acidic component that is a perfect complement to the sweet, fragrant fruit. Here is a short list my favorite types of vinegars and how I like to use each one...

Distilled White: This is so much more than a cleaning agent. Use white vinegar to brighten stews or chili in the final stages of seasoning. It also make a killer homemade Mae Ploy (sweet chili sauce).

Cider Vinegar: Inexpensive and an all-around, good-for-everything vinegar. Dressings, braises, cole slaw, and potato salad are just a handful of things that benefit from this pantry powerhouse.

Sherry Vinegar: This is one of my favorite vinegars. In addition to being the main ingredient in my house dressing, it also worked in a pinch when I needed to deglaze a pot while making lamb stew a couple of weeks ago and found myself without red wine. Sherry vinegar pairs particularly well with shallots.

Red Wine Vinegar: Though more acidic than sherry vinegar, red wine vinegar also works for dressings with the help of a bit of sugar or honey. It also makes a delicious escabeche.

Champagne and White Wine Vinegar: These are bright and light vinegars and work best with tender-lettuce salads. Try pairing with herbs such as tarragon or chervil.

Balsamic Vinegar: Aged in wood, balsamic is mellow and deep in flavor. Not only is it suitable for salads and steak, a well-aged balsamic vinegar is delicious drizzled over strawberries or vanilla ice cream.

Rice Vinegar: Stir fries would be nothing without it. The smoothest and gentlest of them all, rice vinegar can be sprinkle over fruit, steamed veggies, or stirred into light soups.

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    So happy more and more people are learning the true worth of vinegar! That's why I wrote a book about it. Cooking with it is great, but it has so many other uses to help you rid your life of toxins. My blog features Vinegar Fridays, but in our home, every day is a vinegar day!!

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    Awesome blog this is great intro to vingers! Now I will not be dumb founded as what to get at the store. thanks for the great info time to explore.

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    You know, I thought I was okay with vinegar until I tried the Pork Chops with Apple Chutney recipe, which called for 1/2 cup of cider vinegar. I got a one word response from my family, "Yuk!" LOL!

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