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When Lisa Fain started her blog, Homesick Texan, in 2005, it was just an easy, postage-free way to share the food she was cooking in her New York City apartment with her family and friends back home in Texas. Thanks to the power of Google searches, an army of like-minded homesick Texans, and her cheesy/ spicy/ all-around-delicious recipes, the blog took off. In our December issue, Lisa shared a recipe from her newly released book, The Homesick Texan Cookbook. We photographed Lisa cooking and eating the Green Chile Posole with Black Beans in her home - keep reading for a peek behind the scenes and to read an interview with the Homesick Texan herself.

Q&A with Lisa Fain of The Homesick Texan
Where do you get your recipe inspiration?
My inspiration comes from conversations with my grandma, old community cookbooks and a thick file of old recipe cards that belonged to my great-grandma. I also get inspired just by driving around Texas, visiting small towns and talking to people about their favorite dishes and local specialties.
When you go home to Texas, what’s the first thing you eat?
Tex-Mex, always Tex-Mex! Whenever I fly into Houston, my first stop is a restaurant called Ninfa’s on Navigation, where they have this creamy and refreshing green salsa made from avocados, tomatillos and cilantro. I could eat it by the bucket.

Our photographer, Johnny, captures each step of the recipe. Here, Lisa squeezes fresh lime juice for her bright, fresh-tasting green posole.

What do your New York friends say about your Texas cooking?
The response is overwhelmingly positive, though sometimes they might think that a dish is too spicy.
What was your favorite food growing up?
Refried beans have been my favorite food just about all my life.
Is there a classic Texas ingredient you can never find here?
You’ll never find Texas peaches in New York, which is a shame because they’re so sweet and juicy.

Lisa's bookshelf. Cookbooks, anyone?

What’s your favorite kitchen piece of kitchen equipment?
I would be nothing without my cast-iron skillets. They’ve been in the family for generations and have been well seasoned with good food and lots of love.
What’s always in your refrigerator?
Cilantro, jalapeños, limes, garlic and bacon. And I love tofu, but I don’t know if I’ll ever blog about it. Perhaps!

Prepping ingredients for the posole in Lisa's kitchen.

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