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five ways to make the most of sweet corn

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Inspecting the sweet selection at the Union Square Greenmarket in NYC.

It's that glorious time of the year when everyone is up their ears in fresh produce. And speaking of ears, let's talk about corn! (Okay, corny joke, I know... someone stop me!)

There has been a virtual cornucopia (can't stop!) of the stuff at the farmers' market these past few weeks, so I asked the Everyday Food staff for their favorite ways to enjoy the season's sweetest corn.

"A man I sail with always soaks it in seawater while we are out sailing during the day, then puts it on the grill for dinner. It comes out plump and just lightly salted." - Jane Ventresca, editorial coordinator

"Fresh corn is great sliced off the cob and added to summer salads. I toss it with pasta, other seasonal vegetables like tomatoes and squash, and a light lemony vinaigrette." - Kellee Miller, managing editor

"My favorite way to eat corn is cut off the cob and sautéed briefly with butter and chopped scallion." - Khalil Hymore, associate food editor

"Nothing goes together better than sweet corn and cream, so I like to make creamed corn with the kernels, then use the leftover cobs to infuse cream and make sweet corn ice cream." - Heather Meldrom, senior food editor

As for me, I like to use fresh corn to make raw corn salad, corn on the cob with herb compound butter, and, of course, plenty of corny puns.

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