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look out for our summer special issue!

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Have you seen our large size summer special issue? It's officially on sale this Monday, July 4th, but it's creeping up on newsstands and in grocery and book stores already! You can also find it on the Nook here.

We live for the warm weather and the incredible harvests that come this time of year, so we made a whole extra issue full of the fresh, simple food ideas we are know for, as well as people, places and parties! We have essential summer recipes from celebrity chefs, entertaining tips and menus from some of our favorite cooks, and the best of summer’s new books and products. We even took our appetite on the road to find the tastiest food spots across the country from fairs and festivals, restaurants, food trucks, and farmer’s markets.

We hope you enjoy reading and cooking with this issue. Let us know what you think!

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    will those with a subscription receive this issue?

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    Just picked up the special summer issue and have read it cover to cover. I could not be more impressed! Absolutely gorgeous and full of great summer ideas. I particularly love the menus presented by the different chefs and the menus you have put together in the back. Outstanding!

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    What a wonderful magazine!
    Great recipes...I plan to try them all.
    Beautiful photography.

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    I am a subscriber of the magazine publications for Martha Stewart Living, Everyday Food, and Whole Living. In addition to those, since the concept began, have been diligently purchasing all publucations of Martha Stewart Living and Everyday Food on my iPad. I am writing to make a couple of suggestions and requests that I feel would be welcomed by your subscribers: MarthaStewart.com has been for months announcing that whole Living will be available for iPad but seems to be too slow forthcoming (I am continuously missing issues that I would like to have available to utilize on my iPad), i want to see this happen soon. Also, issue availability needs to be improved for iPad issues of Everyday Food, they are provided really late (ie. the issue should be provided the same time/date that Martha Stewart Living is available for purchase). Finally, Everyday Food-Best of Summer Issue should be available for iPad purchase, just like it is for Nook, this would benefit to both consumers and Martha Stewart Omnimedia.

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    Hi Ella,
    The special issue is not mailed with regular subscriptions. You should be able to find it on newsstands, in bookstores (like Barnes & Noble or Borders), Target, Walmart, drugstores, etc. If you have any trouble, you can also get it online. Here's the link to order it and have it mailed directly to you.

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    I live in Sydney Australia, how can i get hold of a copy?

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    The special summer issue is simply fabulous! I want to make the Fruit Salad Ice Pops, and would like to use straight-sided ice pop molds to get the vivid effects from the fruit, as illustrated on the cover and page 101 of this issue. Do you have a source for where I can purchase the molds that were used for these photographs?

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