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When it comes to breakfast, I'm usually anĀ oatmeal-all-the-time kinda girl, but I devoured this traditional Japanese breakfast (choshoku) at EN Japanese Brasserie last weekend: Salt grilled salmon, watercress salad with ponzu dressing, rice, miso soup, boiled daikon radish, and (my favorite part) freshly-made scooped tofu, which was soft, warm, and downright buttery. It really hit the spot, and I've been craving it ever since. What's your favorite breakfast?

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    wow with a breakfast like this what do they eat for lunch?

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    Japanese breakfast is one of my favorite things. Every once in a while i'll just pop open a can of tuna and have it with Japanese brown rice and Umeboshi (pickled plum) Most traditional American breakfasts are too heavy or too sweet for me.

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    Breakfast is my favorite! I love it anytime of day. But if I have to choose... it would have to be poached eggs with a sprinkle of kosher salt and a turn of the pepper grinder served with buttered wheat toast to dunk in the creamy yolks and a big mug of black coffee to wash it down.

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    I crave Japanese breakfasts too and would have it everyday if I could. Miso soup is the best! Healthy and satisfying.

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    Martha's breakfast makes my mouth water! I'd love to
    have more resources for making Japanese breakfasts. I'm a diabetic and made a breakfast like this this morning. My blood sugar was fantastic afterwards, even with the white rice.

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