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in season: pea shoots

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Thank goodness it's spring.

There's (finally!) some pretty produce popping up at the Farmers' Markets in NYC. Pea shoots scream spring: they're the thin tendrils that extend from the tip of the pea plant and they taste very much like a sweet green pea. I picked these pea shoots up at my neighborhood market in Brooklyn and tossed them into a salad with thinly sliced kale, diced avocado, and a mustardy vinaigrette. Here's another delicious-sounding salad with pancetta.

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    Beautiful shot! And these are so lovely on sandwiches. Add so much freshness to salads and sandwiches. Beautiful!

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    These were in my CSA box a couple weeks ago. Very simple, but I did homemade cheese pizzas without sauce and just threw these on top after the pizza came out of the oven and it was delicious. Pea shoots are great!

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