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carrot cupcakes

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For Easter, I tried the carrot cupcake recipe in Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook. The recipe was very simple—the most tedious part was finely grating a pound of carrots, but it gave the cupcakes a strong, sweet carrot flavor. I forgot to buy cupcake liners and thought that nonstick cooking spray would be fine to use in their place. I was wrong—the cake was very delicate so it made removing the cupcakes a time-consuming job. Most of the standard cupcakes came out ok and looked fine once I spread the tops with the orange-ginger cream cheese frosting and decorated with pecans (I stirred chopped pecans only into half the batter, as my sister has a nut allergy). My mini cupcakes were harder to salvage. I served the best-looking ones on Sunday, and then brought the broken mini ones to work with a container of frosting for them to spread themselves (they still went over well).

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    I'm going to have to try these. Think I'll use my food processor for grating the carrots. I love the flavor of fresh ginger.

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