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updated - edf asks: wtf? (what's this food?)

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Though it's native to Brazil, I spotted this food hanging from a tree in Nicaragua last week. Look mysterious? Here's a hint: 4.1 billion pounds of this food are consumed worldwide each year. In fact, you've probably eaten it! Put your guesses in the comments section and come back tomorrow for the right answer. Update: Get the answer after the jump... You were right... It's a cashew nut! Well, the green cashew-shaped part is, anyway. As commenter Ellie pointed out, the top part of the fruit is known as the cashew apple. Too delicate to ship to grocery stores, cashew apples are only eaten in cashew-growing regions, so if you ever stumble upon one be sure to take a bite.

In case this post had you craving cashews, here a few Everyday Food recipes to check out:

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Plus, pick up our April issue and check out the Cashew-Ginger Granola recipe on page 39 - a perfect sweet-and-spicy snack.

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