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white chili

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After a week of meatballs, I was ready to move off red sauce but still wanted another one-pot dish that I could stretch through a week. I decided to try a white chili recipe I found on the Pioneer Woman blog. She has great step-by-step photos that walk you through how to make the dish. I skipped the initial boiling of the chicken and used leftover pieces from a roast chicken. Also, I recommend buying the green chilies whole, as the chopped ones I got were too finely chopped (she recommends the whole ones). I was a little worried about not soaking the dried beans ahead of time but after three hours of cooking, they were perfectly tender. As she suggested, I served the chili with corn tortillas, cilantro, and Monterey Jack cheese. I also whipped a batch of salsa. The chili made for a great burrito base, too, using flour tortillas.

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