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As mentioned in my previous post, I had a lot of meatballs to use up so I thought sub sandwiches were in order. A soft Cuban-style loaf found at the supermarket served as the base. I cut the loaf in half and then split one half vertically. I scooped out the interior—they ended up looking like a hot dog buns. I then drizzled the "buns" with olive oil and grated cotija cheese (staying true to the Mexican origin of the meatball recipe; this type of cotija looks like grated Parmesan, which would also have been good). I browned the bread in the toaster oven. The buns fit the meatballs and sauce perfectly and I topped them with even more cheese. I also quickly shredded some green cabbage and carrots and tossed them with some cider vinegar and oil. It was a great side dish to serve with the rich sub.

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