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The display at Whole Foods in Nashville.

I made a short trip to Nashville in December (where I gorged on spicy fried chicken and cooled off with Mexican popsicles), and stumbled on this locally-made chocolate in the supermarket. I picked some up out of curiosity—such a cute label!—and loved what I tasted. Back in New York, I spotted Olive & Sinclair chocolates at my neighborhood grocery, and grabbed a couple of bars to share with my family. It seemed to me this little brand is expanding, and turns out I'm right.

We love the stamped logo on the chocolate bars.

Olive & Sinclair is made in Nashville in small batches, using traditional chocolate-making methods, and is sweetened with brown sugar. There are a few flavors to choose from, including one with sea salt and a mildly spicy chile pepper version, but I like the 67% best (not overly bitter, with a smooth texture and rich flavor). The chocolates are expanding nation-wide; you can find a full list of products on their site, along with a state-by-state retail list too. If the chocolate is not for sale yet near you, order it directly from the website. Try this chocolate in our decadent chocolate ganache tart.

Each batch is numbered on the back label.

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    I live in Nashville and LOVE their chocolate. The flavors are outstanding and unexpected! A MUST try for sure!

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