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Spanish tortilla

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I studied in Spain for a year in college and one of my favorite dishes there was tortilla española, a thick egg and potato omelet that they eat solo or on sandwiches. It can be served room temperature or warm. It had been a while since I attempted one myself, but decided it would be perfect for a weekend brunch I was hosting. I used an online recipe as my guide (it includes a step-by-step photo guide).

The most time-consuming task is prepping the potatoes. You first have to peel and thinly slice them (and actually the recipe suggested too many—tip: cut only the amount that will fit in the skillet you cook the tortilla in), then you pan-fry them in a lot of oil. I also learned to be careful when heating up a bunch of oil—bring it up to temperature slowly or you might have a major oil bubble burst (and a mess to clean up!). Once the potatoes are cooked you add them to the egg mixture and cook that in a wide skillet, preferably nonstick. I don't own a nonstick one so I used a nice All-Clad skillet and just made sure there was plenty of oil in it, so the eggs wouldn't stick. The tricky part is flipping the tortilla (you flip it onto a plate and the slide it back into the skillet)—my boyfriend decided to stick it in the broiler first to lower the mess risk, so that the eggs would be more set on top when we flipped it. This trick worked great.

Our friends loved the tortilla and it turned out to be perfect for our youngest brunch attendee, the 1-year-old son of one of my friends. And because I had cut and fried too many potatoes, we ended up making another tortilla the next day, adding chorizo to it.

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    I ate a lot of tortilla española the year I was in Spain. It's a fond memory. When I make it at home I steam the potatoes and onions to avoid the mess of the oil and to reduce calories. Still tastes great! Sometimes I serve it with salsa to suit Americans.

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    Good tip! I was thinking I could boil them in chicken broth, to avoid the extra calories and mess, but like the steaming idea.

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    Sounds like the perfect brunch recipe for me.Will definitely try this sometime soon.Thanks for sharing!

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    I also studied in Spain for a semester and ate tortilla española at least three nights a week. Now that I have a family we will do tapas for dinner several times a year and small wedges of tortilla are very kid-friendly.

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    I too studied in Madrid and had this frequently. My 3 sons and husband love this dish. I use a mandoline to slice the potatoes and onions- saves time! I also put the leftover tortilla on a roll or good bread and send it in for lunch. It is great hot, cold and at room temperature.

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    I've helped my mom make tortilla since I was a little girl... I do believe its all about the pan you use... make sure the potatoes do not stick so that you can easily slide it out and then fip when necessary.. oh and the chorizo is one of my husbands favortites.. but I prefer just potatoe, egg and onion :) very very simple!!!

    Que aproveche!!!

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