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in season: citrus

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A selection of gorgeous citrus on sale now!

This is the perfect time of year to liven up your plate with fresh, citrus fruits, which are enjoying their peak season now and through early spring. My local market had a super colorful display last weekend; I couldn't resist the Cara Cara navel oranges, which were juicy and tart with blush pink flesh. You should be able to find all types of oranges, including navel, juicing, blood, and even Seville, mandarins and tangerines, clementines, pomelos, grapefruit, limes, key limes, lemons, and Meyer lemons. Citrus have savory and sweet applications; follow the jump for some recipe links.

Some savory ideas

Our riff on duck à l'orange uses juicy chicken thighs and cooked sweet oranges, which you squeeze over the finished dish to make a sauce.

Try this crunchy chopped salad with a lime-buttermilk dressing.

A simple linguine with lemon sauce is perfect for weeknight dinners.

This cilantro-lime salsa is a great dip, or spoon it over broiled chicken or fish.

Some sweet ideas

This healthful orange tart uses Greek yogurt to make a custardy base.

If you can find bitter Seville oranges, this marmalade is a perfect way to enjoy them for months to come.

Blood oranges are gorgeous in these little rice pudding tarts, but you could use regular oranges successfully too.

How about a quick lemon mousse that comes together in 15 minutes?


Grapefruit tea is warming and refreshing way to enjoy sweet-sour citrus.

Make your own lemon liqueur with this limoncello recipe.

This blood orange punch is pretty and festive.

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