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You should always drink champagne with oysters...

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Best Christmas present ever....my grandmother bought a 100 count burlap sack of gulf coast oysters. So I spent most of the next several mornings scrubbing and shucking the plump little gems. We would take pause to slurp them down over the kitchen sink and wash them down with an ice cold beer (in this case The Champagne of Beers!).

It took some creativity to get through them all but after panko coating and frying, poaching in celery root soup and eating most of them just plain raw I got us through every last one. Heaven!

What is your favorite way to enjoy oysters?

(Special shout out to the awesome butterfly tile in my grandmother's kitchen that snuck into the photo!)

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    Oysters on the half shell.....and a ham dinner with champagne.

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    I have yet to try preparing oysters myself at home! I need to put that on my list. It just sounds like so much (not-so-easy) work, shucking and all!

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    Most reputable fishmongers will shuck the oysters for you free of charge and will give you the half shells on the side! So you don't have to worry about dirtying your kitchen or wrestling with stubborn mollusks in order to enjoy this treat in the comfort of your own home.

    Just make sure to use them within one day if you are cooking them or very soon after shucking if you are serving them raw (keep them very cold!).

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    Love the oysters-Champagne combo. Well, love the anything-Champagne combo. I recently had some delicious oysters with a Sancerre, that worked really well: http://marriedtowine.com/2011/08/09/wine-and-oysters-and-cheese-oh-my/

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    We have a holiday tradition of having an oyster roast. The counter tops are covered in brown paper and the oysters go on the grill with an old towel soaked in water. It takes about 15 minutes for the oysters to pop open. We dump them in loads on the counter top and serve with corn, roasted potatoes and jumbo shrimp. There are rarely any oysters left over but when there are we make oyster stew which never seems to last very long either.

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