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smoked paprika

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I discovered this smoky spice a few years ago, and it looks like I’m not the only one! According to McCormick, sales of their smoked paprika have gone up 300% since it debuted three years ago. It also made the cut in our "light" issue as one of our favorite ways to add flavor  without fat or calories. Smoked paprika is...made from sweet red peppers that have been smoked over wood planks until they absorb the deep flavor. You might recognize smoked paprika as the signature flavoring of dried chorizo. I like to use it to add a savory, almost bacon-like flavor to meat-free dishes like bean chili, sautéed kale, or quinoa with spinach and chickpeas. But, it’s also great with meat, like in our Spanish-Style Meatloaf. Have you tried smoked paprika? How do you use it?

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    Paprika is great and has long been popular in Europe! I made the Spanish-Style Meatloaf from EDF and it was great. A welcome new addition to my cooking schedule. I also made the Smoky Roasted Potato Soup in October EDF which contains chorizo and I must say that adding a little SWEET paprika at the roasting stage added a depth of flavour. Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration.

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    I recently had chocolate bark with smoked paprika and sea salt (at a Chocolate shop) and plan to make some at home soon!

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    I am looking for smoke paprika staying in Boston Bellville Cape Town

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