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?In some ways, chili is the ultimate cold-weather fare: It is steaming hot and satisfying, with a mouthwatering balance of spicy and sweet flavors. A good chili can also be one of the healthiest comfort foods, thanks to the combination of fiber and protein from beans and meat, plus the low-calorie count and high vitamin levels in tomatoes and other vegetables (as long as you don’t cover it with cheese like I did, above, on a recent ski trip!). Tuck into one of our healthy, delicious chili recipes this winter....Vegetarian Chili: Two types of beans, a rich tomato base, and just the right amount of spice make this dish a satisfying option in only 35 minutes.

Lighter Beef Chili: Cocoa powder adds depth but not sweetness to the chili. For beefy flavor without excess fat, pick ground sirloin instead of chuck.

Turkey and White Bean Chili: Get all the flavor of a slow-simmered chili in less than half the time (with less fat, too!).

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    I like to use dried beans in my chili. When soaking them, is there something i can put in the water to take away the gas?

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    I love Chili, but it doesn't like me -- beans!! When I was young, no problem. But now at age 82, can't tolerate those strong foods. Have very slow digestion these days. Have tried so many ways to
    cook the beans, additives, ddigestion aides,etc. No luck.

    Could it be made without beans? Would love such a

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    May, I love to cook dried beans but hate the gas they can cause! I drain my beans and rinse them again a couple of times during the soaking process and find that this really helps remove the sugars that cause your body to react and create gas. I am not saying that it completely rids them of all the gas, but it seems to make a big difference.

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    If u cook dried beans but dont want gas put 1 teaspoon of baking soda in while cooking no gas

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